Affordable Luxury for your Home

Residential customers

Your home is an individual expression brought to life with Luminosa designer glass switches. Our modern glass fixtures include glass light switches, glass power-points, glass dimmer, fan and data switch controllers. Made of the highest quality and most durable materials, Luminosa light switch range and complementary lighting accessories will set your home apart.

Designer details like modern light fixtures and light switches are often thought of as a luxury of the mega-rich, however adding a final stylish flourish to your home with finishing details of distinction is now within everyone’s reach, with Luminosa’s wide range of exclusive, affordable glass light switches and accessories.

Our glass switch collections are timelessly chic and are easily integrated into any residential interior. Combine classic design with a spectrum of vibrant colours and popular configurations; the end result? A stunning, bespoke, tailored solution for your personal tastes, that lets the little details speak for themselves. Luminosa puts affordable luxury at your fingertips.

Our Australian style glass switches can be retro-fitted, meaning you can swap out your existing plastic switch. Our European style glass switches are square shaped and make a real visual impact. All Luminosa products are Australian/NZ certified and approved.

Luminosa’s luxurious glass switch range and lighting accessories are available at an affordable luxury price point exclusively online or contact us for more information.