Euro C Plaster Bracket

Euro C Plaster Bracket


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Replacement Euro C Plaster Bracket. Euro brackets are required for:

  • Vetro EU Range 1-4 Gang Light
  • Switches
  • Dimmer
  • Fan Controller
  • Single Power Point

All other Vetro EU range products can be installed with
any standard Australian switch mounting brackets,
available at most hardware retailers.


Euro C Plaster Bracket

C Clip Plaster Bracket for plaster walls
to be used with Vetro EU Range*

* Euro brackets required for Vetro EU Range 1 -4 Gang Light
Switches, Dimmer, Fan Controller and Single Power Point.
** Standard Australian brackets to be used for Vetro EU
Range 5 & 6 gang Light Switches and Double Power Point.


No DIY! All electrical work must be
performed by a licensed electrician.
MBE-CP Dimensions
Installation Guide pdf

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