Decorative light switches and accessories without compromise

All of our decorative light switches, complementary products and accessories are Australian by design. Every product adheres to the strictest standards of quality and safety and have been certified with the Australian regulatory Registered Compliance Mark* (RCM) (you can read more on the RCM below).

Manufactured for long life

In our manufacturing process we use only the highest quality, thoroughly tested materials – such as the tempered glass of our Vetro range, which is designed to shatter into oval shaped pieces, rather than dangerous shards, should the face plate be damaged.

What is the RCM (Registered Compliance Mark)?

Placing electrical products on the market in Australia requires assessment against the applicable Australian safety standards as mandated by the electrical safety legislation.

*(RCM) is a trademark of Standards Australia

Thank you for choosing a Luminosa product.
Please note all electrical work of this product MUST be performed by a Licensed Electrician.
Warning!!! Always ensure that the main power supply is turned OFF before commencing any work.
Please read instructions carefully before attempting any installation.

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