Why Luminosa? Discover the Luminosa story behind our brand.

If you feel passionate about a great idea, do it!

That’s exactly what Co-Founder of Bella Lujo Serge Negra realised while building his home, that design aficionados without a millionaire’s budget have their work cut out finding high quality, luxurious finishes. Topping his list of décor pain points were the functional details like light switches and power-points.

Serge realised he wasn’t the only one annoyed by the limited options for affordable luxury finishes that didn’t break the bank. Serge’s business partner (Bella Lujo co-founder) Robyn, also an avid renovator, agreed that the only available options for switches she’d found were either terribly cheap looking or priced well out of the range of the average home or business owner.

12 months later and the company was born, the aptly named Bella Lujo (a multi-lingual mix of Italian and Spanish, meaning ‘beautiful luxury’).

“The Glass Light Switch and Glass Socket ranges we’ve developed offer something to satisfy both the heads and the hearts of design lovers,” Serge says. “Luminosa is Australia’s first glass light switch range and is an affordable way to add a luxurious finishing touch to a house or business.

With our Luminosa brand we offer a wide range of modern, affordable glass switches and lighting accessories. Every Glass Light Switch is real glass, every Glass Power-point is real glass, in fact, all our switches are made of luxury quality glass with brass/copper components. Customers choose Luminosa when they want to add a ‘touch of glass’ to their home or business.

The Luminosa brand is synonymous with luxury glass switches, whether it’s for lights, power-points, dimmers, data or fan controller plates – Luminosa leads the way for style, flair and elegance. Luminosa glass switch products have been switching homes and business’ on to unique European and Australian design for years.

Our Australian style glass switches can be retro-fitted, meaning you can swap out your existing plastic switch. Our European style glass switches are square shaped and make a real visual impact. All Luminosa products are Australian/NZ certified and approved.

The Luminosa Glass Light Switch range rewards a tasteful space with expression. Adding Luminosa high quality glass switches to your residential living or commercial working areas adds an expression of individuality and prestige. When customers need to add a ‘touch of class’ to premium spaces Luminosa is the leading designer brand of choice.

Luminosa’s prestige glass switch range and lighting accessories are available at an affordable luxury price point exclusively online or contact us for more information.