Euro Nail in Stud Bracket

Euro Nail in Stud Bracket


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Replacement Nail in Stud Bracket. Euro brackets are required for:

  • Vetro EU Range 1-4 Gang Light
  • Switches
  • Dimmer
  • Fan Controller
  • Single Power Point

All other Vetro EU range products can be installed with
any standard Australian switch mounting brackets,
available at most hardware retailers.


Euro Nail in Stud Bracket
(can be used vertically or horizontally)

Nail in Stud bracket for fixing to
wall studs to be used with Vetro EU Range*

* Euro brackets required for Vetro EU Range 1 -4 Gang Light
Switches, Dimmer, Fan Controller and Single Power Point.
** Standard Australian brackets to be used for Vetro EU
Range 5 & 6 gang Light Switches and Double Power Point.


No DIY! All electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician.
MBE-NS Dimensions
Installation Guide pdf

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